Installation Types.

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Roof Installations.

South facing roof surfaces are a great location for a solar panel array. It has the additional benefit of keeping the roof cooler in the summer and even exceeding the life of the roof surface by protecting it from the sun. We only install on south or west facing roof surfaces for maximum efficiency.

Ground Array.

A ground array is a steel support structure that holds a group of solar panels. The array is best to be close to the main electrical system, but can also be put some distance away. This is a great way to accommodate a greater number of panels or to place the panels in either a place they can show off your solar choice or place it where it cannot be seen.

Carport Array.

This is another great way to set up your solar panels. It serves two purposes, first electrical generation and next shelter for your vehicle. There are a variety of styles to choose from. A solar carport adds value to your property and saves you money on your utilities. Because of its great value and utility carport arrays are very popular.


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